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The introductory meeting, which serves as a basic introduction to the client's situation, is free of charge.

The following fee arrangements can be agreed with the client:

Hourly rates

The law firm agrees with most clients on hourly rate arrangements. The usual hourly rate for legal advice in the area of Czech law is CZK 1.800 – 2.800 (approx. EUR 70 – 110) and the usual hourly rate for legal advice in the area of English law is CZK 2.300 – 3.300 (approx.EU 90 – 130), always depending on the complexity and duration of the particular case. The hourly rate is usually agreed individually with the client before the provision of the legal advice. The law firm emphasises work efficiency and does not charge for every commenced hour of work, only for the time actually spent on the case. The client always receives an overview of the task carried out and time spent on each task.

Flat fees

With long-term clients of the law firm, a monthly flat fee arrangement is usually agreed. The monthly flat fee is payable regardless of the scope and complexity of the legal advice.

Payment per task

A cost of each task can be determined in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Justice no. 177/1996 Col, on attorneys' fees („attorneys' tariff“). If no other fee arrangement is agreed between the law firm and the client, the law firm's remuneration shall be determined in accordance with the attorneys' tariff.

Contingency fees

If the law firm agrees with the client on a contingency fee arrangement, the law firm receives a percentage of whatever the client receives as resolution of his case.

In addition to the remuneration, the law firm charges the client third party fees (disbursements), including court and administrative fees, postage, travel costs, telephone charges, expert reports, notarial fees, translations or copies of documents.

The law firm is a VAT payer, so VAT shall be added to the remuneration.